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Choo Choo Bars are back!!

An old time favourite brought back to life.
The Choo Choo Bar is a flat stick of licorice.

Choo Choo Bars were originally a Nestle product. They are now made by Lagoon.
It has been approximately 20 years since a Choo Choo Bar was on the shelves, but people have never forgotten them. There is many a website and forum fan base calling for the whereabouts of Choo Choo Bars.
The re make of this classic is sure to bring lovers into a tither scouring the specialty lolly shops for them.
A Choo Choo Bar is a Hard Toffee like Licorice Bar.
They can be sucked from one end or broken into pieces to make it more manageable to consume.
Wrapped in an iconic Blue wrapper with a picture of an old Steam Train.
Each bar is 20gm. A box of Choo Choo Bars has 50 bars in it.

Enjoy a Licorice Choo Choo Bar today from Lollyworld

Licorice Choo Choo Bars at Lollyworld